Author: Brahmanand Shukla

T-SQL query to copy data from one database to another database

T-SQL query to copy the rows of all the tables from one database to another database only if they have rows in Source DB and exact same Schema in both Source and Destination DB.

Split data into N equal groups

In this blog post, you will get the query to "Split data into N equal groups" using SQL Server and you will also see the practical implementation of the following important topics of SQL Server. Happy learning ! 1) Ranking Functions (ROW_NUMBER() and NTILE()) 2) Local scoped temporary/hash table 3) CTE (Common Table Expression) 4) … Continue reading Split data into N equal groups

Leveraging WHILE LOOP

WHILE LOOP can be used for batch processing and can be helpful if you are dealing with huge data processing. Recently I did an analytics project where I had to iterate through 70K customers and generate the Monthly, Last One Year and Since Inception returns of all the customers and their respective benchmark index since … Continue reading Leveraging WHILE LOOP